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turbo III Model 200 Precleaner

The latest generation turbo III precleaner is a light but high strength, modern glass-reinforcer polymer alternative to the traditional turbo II.
Inlet Base Size

The turbo III provides ultra high efficiency with low restriction and protects your engine and machinery from micro abrasive dust.

Manufactured in the USA from glass filled, durable polymer.

 turbo III engine precleaner diagram

turbo III Engine Precleaner Model 200 Sizes

 Airflow Range
 Inlet Diameter Size 
Model 200 4.5" 200-500 5.6-14.2 4.5" 114
Model 200 5" 200-500 5.6-14.2 5" 127
 Outside Diameter Height Weight 
Model 200 9.34 237 11.6 295 4.4 1.97