Return on Investment

An engine precleaner costs less than £500 and can save you around £2500 for every machine you run every year!

Engine precleaners work best in dusty environments where it acts almost like and insurance policy.

Engine precleaners ensure longer engine life for your engine and filter system.

The following benefits illustrating why fitting a precleaner can save you money are highlighted below.

  • An average internal combustion engine spends 25% of its life working as an air pump. Around 12,000 gallons of air are required to burn 1 gallon of fuel.
  • Dirt, dust, rain and snow are drawn into your engine's air intake. With the introduction of an engine precleaner you can reduce this incursion by up to 85% before it reaches your air filter.
  • Air filter life is increased by up to ten times, engine oil stays cleaner longer, therefore reducing costly filters, oil and wear on your engine.
  • Engine precleaners protect your investment and will reduce maintenance costs.
  • Precleaners are self-cleaning, self-propelled and have only one moving part. All this eliminates the need for precleaner maintenance.
  • Precleaners act almost like an insurance policy for both your engine and filter system.

Installing a precleaner is fast and easy and will save you money.

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