Engine Precleaner Installation Instructions

In most cases installing a Turbo Precleaner is as easy as removing the rain cap from the air intake stack and slipping the precleaner on in its place. Turbo Precleaners do not require any external connections (i.e. a hose to the exhaust, electrical connection etc.) or extra parts for the precleaner to operate.

Once the correct model of Turbo Precleaner has been determined (based on the C.F.M. rating of the engine – please see our C.F.M. calculator or speak to us for advice) the diameter of the inlet pipe needs to be measured in order to specify the correct intake size.

Having measured the inlet there are a few simple steps, depending on the configuration of the air intake to be followed in installing the precleaner.

Precleaner Installation Instructions for Air Intake Stack with Rain Cap

Remove the rain cap and set the precleaner on the intake stack using an adaptor if required. Make certain the precleaner is securely in place. Check to see that the precleaner is at least 4” above the hood to avoid restricting air flow or discharge. Always check the relationship of the engine’s exhaust stack outlet to the air intake. Ideally, the exhaust outlet should be at least 12” or 30cm above the top of the precleaner. Turn the exhaust pipe if possible to move it away from the air intake. Regarding operator vision, offset pipes and extension pipes are available to position the precleaner if necessary.

Be sure to install a clean, new air filter at the same time as the Turbo Precleaner. If possible, take a vacuum reading if an Air restriction Gauge before and after installation which can be helpful in analysing the overall condition of the air intake system.

Precleaner Installation Instructions for Air Intake Stack with Other Manufacturers Precleaner

If the Turbo Precleaner is to replace another precleaner mounted on the intake stack simply follow the same procedure as above but ensure all parts of the other precleaner are removed.

If an aspirated precleaner is being replaced ensure the dirt/dust transfer hose is capped off and the aspirator is fully removed.

Precleaner Installation Instructions when there is no Intake Stack

Since most air Precleaners have a limited inlet of some sort it is usually only a matter of installing some plumbing to bring air through a pipe on which a Turbo Precleaner can be mounted. We can supply mounting kits, accessories and parts for this installation.