turbo Flex-N-Line Engine Air Precleaner

The Flex-N-Line is the prefect inline, high efficiency precleaner designed for tight spaces.
Inlet Base Size

If you have the limited space the problem is solved with the Flex-N-Line precleaner. It is the only compact, inline engine precleaner available on the UK market.

  • The only inline available on the UK market
  • Reduces engine wear and prolongs engine life
  • Maintains effective engine breathing for maximum power and efficiency
  • Extends engine air filter life by up to 10 times
  • Self powered
  • Self cleaning
  • Minimises costly down time
  • Tested to SAE J726 - Society of Automotive Standard

turbo Flex-N-Line Engine Precleaner Sizes

Model CFM m3/min Inches mm
  Airflow Range
  Inlet Diameter Size  
Flex-N-Line 3" 75-225 2.1-6.3 3" 76
Flex-N-Line 4.5" 200-475 5.6-13.3 4.5" 126
Model Inches mm Inches mm Lbs Kg
  Outside Diameter   Height   Weight  
Flex-N-Line 3" 5.27 134 10.7 271    
Flex-N-Line 4.5" 7.5 190 12.8 327    

Flex-n-line Installation Instructions

1. The Flex-n-line unit is designed to be installed in-line with the vehicles air intake system, upstream of the filter canister.
2. Attach the outlet side of the precleaner to the intake side of the air filter cansiter. A rigid spacer may be required to make this connection. The outlet extension is designed to be clamped over the spacer or solid piping. A 3" T-bolt clamp is provided for this.
3. Attach a flexible hose over the inlet extension of the Turbo Precleaner. An additonal clamp will be required to make this connection. The inside diameter of the flexible hose must be a minimum of 3.5" or 88m to avoid creating restriction and turbulence coming into the unit. The hose should be lead to the clean air intake point of the vehicle.
4. On some installations additional support for the Turbo Precleaner will be required. An optional support bracket is available for these applications.
5. The unit is designed to operate at a maximum ambient temperature of 110°C

Although the Flex-n-line requires no periodic maintenance, the unit should be check occasionally to make sure that unit is air tight, and that there are no cracks in the intake hose, foreign materials have plugged the intake area.

The Flex-n-line Turbo Precleaner is designed for use as a single stage air filter. Restriction and separation data is available on request.