How Can Tiny Dust Particles Kill Mighty Earthmovers?

If you operate heavy plant, equipment or machinery - working in dirt, stone or mud can be an integral part your business. Harmless as seems dirt can be the lifeblood of your business and at the same time a mortal enemy to your equipment and investment.

You do regular servicing and maintenance. You do oil analysis and changes. You change your air filters frequently and yet yor engine is still not making it to the next maintenance cycle.

So what is it about dirt that is still causing your problem?

You need to know that it's not enough just to worry about dirt. In fact, there's something more destructive that you need to pay attention to - and something you may be completely unprotected from.

As you will see, what you don't know about dirt can hurt you.

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Micro-abrasive dust: dirtier than dirt itself.

All around us, there are particles in the air that are much smaller that dirt, yet they account for as much as 85% of all engine damage. These particles are less than 20 microns in size and are known as micro-abrasive dust.

Micro-abrasive dust consists of tiny silcon particles that severly damage engines and drastically shorten the life of filters. Worst of all these nearly-invisible particles are everywhere - not just in extreme environments.

It's no wonder that the filter industry is researching solutions to combat micro-abrasive dust - it's quickly becoming recognised as the single most deadly contaminant to today's precision engines.

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Micro-abrasive dust kills engines.

Micro-abrasive dust particles are extremely abrasive. They have razor like flakes that grind and gouge surfaces, alter clreances and generate more abrasive debris. They are drawn into the engine through the air intake and destroy critical parts.

Micro-abrasive dust wreaks havoc on your equipment, your high-tech filters and your livelihood. Its particle degrade engine perfomrance and increase fuel-consumption.

Not even two stage dry air filters can stop these devasting particles.

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The choice is yours - either stop micro-abrasive dust, or it will stop you.

Quite simply, if you’re not stopping micro-abrasive dust, you can expect to pay dearly.

In addition to jeopardizing your engine, you’re going to waste expensive filters and fuel. You’ll also have higher maintenance cost, more downtime, and a bundle of otherwise avoidable warranty claims.

So what can you do to protect your livelihood?

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Micro-abrasive dust meets its match.

There is only one product on the market that is exclusively engineered to eliminate deadly micro-abrasive dust before it enters the filter - The turbo® Precleaner. No other precleaner can make this claim.

Regardless of how you may be combating dirt today the turbo® Precleaner is the single most critical investment you can make to protect your engine, and your livelihood.

This is all the more important in the age of today’s precision-engineered Tier III and Tier IV engines. Their tighter tolerances and lower emissions demand ultra-clean air. Only turbo® Precleaner can deliver this up-front protection.

When it comes to protecting you engine, there is only one target zone that matters. Either your engine is protected from micro-abrasive dust, or it’s not. Like a seat belt, there’s no “in between”.

Unless you have the turbo® Precleaner, you may as well have no protection at all.

The turbo’s® top-through air flow creates the velocity needed to centrifugally separate micro-abrasive dust particles. No stop and go, bottom-through precleaner can match the turbo’s® raw power and sheer effectiveness at stopping destructive dust.

In test after test, the turbo® has exceeded all other precleaners in the sheer power and efficiency of it exclusive top-through-airflow design.

This design is so efficient, that after thirty years, no other precleaner has even come close.

If it’s not the genuine turbo®, it’s just a raincap™.

There are two kinds of people in this profession - those who use the turbo® precleaner, and those who wished they had™.

If your precleaner is not quite the genuine turbo®, your very livelihood is vulnerable to the deadliest contaminates on earth. Upgrading to the turbo® is not only the smartest choice you can make - it’s the only choice.

Is the turbo® worth the investment? Try the cost of not having one.